So many of my posts regarding driving instruction go viral, thanks to those who share them, if it gets the message across and gives an insight into our job and how difficult intolerance to Learner drivers and instructors makes the job, hopefully the attitudes of some drivers may change!

Luckily as instructors we have dual controls which can help in some situations, however a lot of parents and relatives also accompany learners whilst getting practice, remember an L on the back of a car does not necessarily mean there is an instructor with controls in the car!

If something goes wrong in a car without dual controls, there is nothing the accompanying driver can do to take control, if you think pulling the handbrake up will stop the car, try it, it’s function is not to stop the car and it will be ineffective!

So imagine you’ve just upset a Learner because of your impatience, they panic but the accompanying driver cannot do anything to stop the car, how would you feel with a novice driver and a car out of control?

Your impatience could cause an accident, also remember that an aggressive manner is considered road rage, which is an offence!

A few years ago a man was teaching his wife to drive, she got the car going but lost control, the car hit 3 little children one died the other two were injured! She went to prison, the little girls parents went to her funeral!

When learners panic their mind goes blank, so think about the impact your behaviour has on Learners also remember the people accompanying them are just ordinary people!

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